Personal Fitness Coach

Personal Fitness Coach

The trainers at PFC are certified with an internationally recognized personal training qualification. At PFC, we believe in keeping our trainers well- informed and updated on the latest training methodologies and trends in order to provide the best to our clients.

PFC Services Include:

PFC Team Training Programs


1. Cardio Fit
A series of cardio exercises that burn calories and improve your body coordination, agility and cardiovascular.

Strength Training

1. Rip 60
The Rip:60 program features suspended rotation and forces your body to stabilize and balance throughout your workout for maximum muscle activation. You will not only lose weight and strengthen muscles, but you will increase flexibility, power and endurance.

2. Ultimate Core
60 minutes of Core workout – train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. This program improves your balance and stability.

3. Thigh-Ex** / Bootylicious
Exercises target on your lower body – Legs, Butts & Abs. Develop strength and tone your thighs. Start working on your dream sculpted legs!


1.Super Circuit
Super Circuit is a resistance training alternates with cardio training. This program uses equipments for resistance to develop strength and power in our body. This program burns up to 700 calories and continue burning after workout.

2.Endurance Circuit
Endurance Circuit focused on bodyweight/ light weight for body toning, and cardio exercises to improve cardiovascular.

3. Myofascial Therapy
Myofascial Therapy is a 60 minutes of therapy using Trigger Point Foam Roller, massaging away restrictions and ‘knots’ to normal extensibility. It is a remedy and treatment for common ailments such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, IT band pain, general knee pain, foot pain, lower back pain and more.

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