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Video: The Core Exercise that will Build Washboard Abs & More
By Sean Lim (NASM CPT)
The Deadbug - My favourite core exercise which is also very useful for building washboard as well as increasing your lifting numbers therefore moar gainz. Before we even start talking about how to do the deadbug, we need to know how to engage our core.

To learn how to engage the core, we need to:

  1. Tighten the Abs as if someone is about to punch you
  2. Posteriorly tilt the hips by tucking in the tailbone and squeezing the butt

Successful core engagement means that there should be no gap between your back and the floor during the deadbug. From there, begin by lowering the left arm and right leg simultaneously followed by the other arm and leg. Rinse and repeat.

*The Deadbug is a TOOL in building washboard abs. You still need a holistic program and solid nutrition to actually attain washboard abs.
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