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Gray Institute
Gray Institute is known for the delivery Applied Functional Science (AFS). The courses and materials from this Gray Institute are based on scientific truth instead of theories. AFS covers the sciences to produce purposeful movements which is correlating to AFS's Principle-Strategy-Technique Process which refers to how and why of movements. Introducing 3D Maps and CAFS.
Real life, real challenges. Whether your patient is a casual golfer or star athlete, determining the right approach to treatment can be challenging. That's why the Gray Institute offers an innovative, effective, and comprehensive approach to patient rehabilitation. Three-Dimensional Movement Analysis and Performance System (3DMAPS) leverages movements that are authentic to everyday life by utilizing all three planes of motion. This system allows the practitioner to examine, evaluate, and treat patients based on the philosophy that the influence of one part of the body effects another. This 10-hour, 100% online course is the perfect complement for any movement professional, from physical therapists, personal trainers, physicians, strength and conditioning coaches, and athletic trainers. 3DMAPS provides the knowledge and skillset to analyse the entire three-dimensional spectrum of human movement and have access to a functional and robust performance system for ongoing enhancement with no equipment. Additionally, 3DMAPS addresses real-life function by observing natural upright movements of the body as it deals with gravity and ground reaction forces using 6 vital transformational zones:

  • Anterior Chain Reaction
  • Posterior Chain Reaction
  • Same side Lateral Chain Reaction
  • Opposite side Lateral Chain Reaction
  • Same side Rotational Chain Reaction
  • Opposite side Rotational Chain Reaction

3DMAPS analyses both the range of motion and control of motion throughout the entire body and through all 3 planes of motion. Through 6 mobility and stability analysis movements, all 66 joint motions of the primary complexes are covered. The movement analysis results in a relative success code that is unique to each individual and provides directions to enhance the overall functioning of the individual. The relative success code is directly to analysis movements and performance movements. The performance movements consist of 14 mobility and 14 stability progressions to enhance the overall functional abilities of the individual allowing all individuals to progress towards their needs, wants, and goals.

CEUs: NASM – 1.0; ACE – 1.0; NSCA – 1.5; ACSM – 10 Contact Hours
Certification in Applied Functional Science
Your clients are unique. Why settle for a treatment program that approaches every case the same? Arm yourself with the premier certification that gives movement professionals the tools to develop custom assessment, treatment, and training programs tailor made for each individual. CAFS® is the first certification of its kind that will empower the movement professional to create treatments and programs for the client's specific needs based on their individual abilities and goals.

  • Empower practitioners from any movement industry with the principles and processes of applied functional science
  • Designed for both beginning and experienced movement professionals
  • Learn structured, practical, application of applied functional science at your own pace
  • Learn to creatively and effectively assess, treat, and train your client based on their own individual needs and goals by establishing the 8 fundamental movement patterns and 10 observational essentials of human movement
  • Master techniques that seamlessly transition from more isolated local applications to dynamic global movements which are complemented by additional explanation and various adaptations of the technique utilising different tweaks from the 10 observational essentials
  • Gives you a system for endless variations on movement assessments and performance enhancement
  • Obtain a program design module outlining strategies/progressions for different desired outcomes that can be adapted to any training/treatment program to continue giving clients progressive and functional results based on their daily needs and goals

CEUs: NASM – 1.9; ACE – 2.5; NAFC – 2.50; ACSM – 25.00
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