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What our clients say

  • I was introduced to the NASM course by Jeremy from PFC studio. NASM provides me with the deep knowledge on how a Basic Human Body movement. Equipping with these knowledge, every movement and body workout seems to serve a purpose and this helps me tremendously.

    Jessy Lim
  • I’m having fun working out in the gym! The coaches are really friendly and pushes my limit. I never knew working out is so rewarding and my confidence level has boosted!

    Jayhan Sim
    Personal Training
  • PFC Studio played a huge part in my understanding of NASM – Jeremy’s dedication and passion in fitness education, as well as his guidance to newbies like me has propelled me to where I am today, in such a short time.

    Jayna Kok

What makes us different

  • Professionals

    A team of professional, internationally certified trainers

  • Customization

    A tailor-made approach for the best results for each client by our highly-knowledgeable trainers who are abreast on the latest training methodologies and fitness programming

  • Fun & Safe Training

    Equipped with the technical knowledge, we ensure to inject loads of fun into our training sessions with our clients, while ensuring highest level of safety

  • Innovative

    Each personal training session is kept exciting with innovative exercise programs that are based on functional movement training