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Personal Fitness Coach Studio is a personal training; sport
performance training and fitness educational studio run by a group of
passionate professional and internationally certified personal trainers.

At Personal Fitness Coach Studio, our personal trainers are enthusiastic about what we do and are always eager to our client's training to improve the way they train and perform and ultimately to help them achieve results.

At Personal Fitness Coach, we offer:

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Rumble Roller is NOW Available in Malaysia!


Rumble Roller & PFC


Rumble Roller is available in Malaysia now. PFC Studio is honoured to be an exclusive partner of Eco Lifestyle Malaysia in distributing/selling the products and Rumble Roller education.

Take a quick view of introduction of Rumble Roller products




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NASM CPT (August 2014) Live Workshop in KL


Time flies!! The 6th batch of NASM CPT Live Workshop was being conducted 2 weeks ago. Most of the time we get the participants from difference backgrounds and guess what this time we have Personal trainers, Boot Camp coach, cross-fitter & group exercise manager (WoW)!!

I had good time to be with them for 2 full day – teaching, laughing, lunching, feeling sleepy, practical session such as SMR (my favourite part), balance training..etc.. and sharing experience. What i got out from this two days workshop was – I learned more from the participants than i teach them (it might sounds wrong to you but you know what.. this happened to me every time)

Well workshop over now and online account have been activated. Time put in your effort and start reading the book and online tutorial and getting ready  for the final exam. The industry still need more certified trainers so we can’t wait to see more NASM CPT trainers growing!

Stay tuned for the next batch of NASM CPT at the year of the year and more interesting workshops are coming up!




NASM CPT August 14 (The 6th batch)

NASM OPT Model – Core Strength Cable Rotation

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What to expect

At PFC, we are committed to creating a comfortable and safe environment for our clients workouts.

PFC believes in the effectiveness of functional training and uses this exercise methodology to train its clients. Equipped with various functional training equipments, the facility aims to allow maximum movement to allow clients to exercise and perform at their optimum level.

Clients can expect to the comfort of completing their workout in a quiet and personal environment with their trainers with minimal distraction and disruption.

About PFC Studio Founder

Jeremy Ng

Jeremy Ng is the founder of Personal Fitness Coach. He is a National Academy of Sports National NASM) and American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified trainer and is also a certified Emergency First Response (EFR) trainer. Thus far, he has worked with clients with physical injuries such as those who have recovered from surgeries and who are in the rehabilitative stage. Jeremy is also experienced in sport conditioning; he helps professional athletes to perform in their optimum level.

He is a seasonal facilitator for fitness and EFR related workshops.