Chief Executive Officer | Founder | Educator | Trainer
Jeremy, the Chief Education Officer and godfather of PFC.

Jeremy possess the patience of a monk. Loved for his cool and down-to-earth demeanour, he is often surprised with complimentary coffee by his favourite baristas. You may catch him at the carparks around VCR Bangsar and Three Little Birds Sentul as he is always on the go. His love for coffee equals to the people around him too as he loves pulling pranks and shady tag lines as around his teammates and clients. Known for his deftness around children, he is often mistaken as a kid himself (I think it's because of the pressure from his wife). Anyways, a Wantan Mee lover by day, a Tetangga Kita Peanut Kacang Apom by mid-day and steamboat lover by end day, Jeremy steps thru the weeks and months with his never-changing classic hairstyle for over 20 years – the Jeremy Mohawk. Other than that, Jeremy is also an advocate for some good old iced Thai milk tea which all is polar to alcohol (the wife's choice apparently). No wonder Jeremy is zen and objective when it comes to discussions, Yin Yang indeed.

Jeremy has been heavily involved in the Malaysia's fitness scene for over a decade (shorter than the hairstyle). Driven by an insatiable desire to cultivate educated fitness, he genuinely seeks to help individual of professional fitness interest in becoming better individuals in their own craft. As a well versed-master trainer and a proficient anatomy practitioner, learning and working with him are always humbling for both students and the team.

Look out for the upcoming dates of workshops @ PFC Studio - he can recommend you the best and only economical rice option in Plaza Damas for lunch break!
Chief Performance Officer | Trainer
Joel, the Chief Exercise Officer and activity-ist! He is a confused-looking Malaysian who enjoys his hobbies more than anything, from mountain biking, to racing to trail fixing and mastering fine arts in carpentry work, landscaping and baking. Experience meets craftsmanship ; makes Joel a quiet yet knowledgeable personal trainer cum educator for National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Hence, with this trait, he is efficient in cueing, delivering and exploring exercise mechanics when it comes to movement awareness for clients.

Specialising in strength & conditioning, Joel has the experience working with athletes of all levels. Some of athletes and associations he has worked with include the young guns from LTAM, SRAM and PGM training programs.

Having experience representing the country at several junior rugby events, he is able to connect and understand the pressures of being an athlete. His specialty lies in working with athletes who are juggling between school and training and athletes who are transitioning into a full fledged training regime.

Fear not, Joel has his humor roots as well; picking terms from various conversational lines for some good old dad jokes! So, catch him when he is picking up his cup of cappuccino or iced black. He knows good spots too.
Chief Everything Officer | Educator | Trainer
A CEO who brings people together.
Always cheery, Jayna has a knack for putting clients at ease. She works with her clients; working with them to explore training options to ensure that are comfortable while working towards their goals; kids and adults love her goal-focused yet fun sessions. Some sportsmen she has worked with and are currently training include triathletes, elite and amateur runners, as well as players in the fields of rugby, ice-hockey and golf.

She works with everyday clients who are looking to get fit and/or working off an injury, as well as pregnant or new mums. She has a particular strength in making complex exercises easy. She believes that exercises should not be hard.

She's a CEO at PFC. Chief Everything Officer (CEO).
Chief Exaggerating Officer | Dedicated Team Member
Sarah, our dedicated team member who is also a Chief Exaggerating Officer. Yes, another CEO of Team PFC with a petite-sized body walking around like a 6 - footer "handbag ma'am".

Sarah posses strong skills when it comes to building connection and memories with people around. This makes her a true leader when it comes to bringing the team together, strategizing the flow and the snacks for NASM-CPT Live Workshop. Other than that, she is an extrovert when it comes to food, cooking, plants, cleaniness, singing.. (the list goes on), particularly conversations over drinks.

We've compiled some of her "must-tell" sentences when she comes to the studio :

-"Assalamualaikum's everyone?"
-"Y'all need to take care of the plants in our studio k?"
-"I need to clean our office today."
-"What's the time now guys?" (HMM)
-"Bersih bersih yea"

Born with green fingers while of us born with 10 fingers, she's currently running her own little garden at her balcony and studio. Little did we know, we've to wait until 2021 for her chilli padi to be ready for harvest or for the air plants to be blooming.

Catch her around PFC Studio area or any Hank's by chance. Wide smiles and friendly conversations await you!
Xin Ying
Chief Efficiency Officer | Dedicated Team Member
Xin Ying, our dedicated team member and Chief Efficiency Officer.

Xin Ying is the head of finance, quartermaster and "welfare" department in PFC (although the department has no team members) but team PFC are all team members of all teams of all members in a team, team PFC… You get the idea. Also known as a record breaker, she is a former athlete who had represented Kuala Lumpur in several long-distance running events.

Fluent in numbers and calculations, she speaks mathematics. Hence, formulating algorithms in Excel and deducing discounts are definitely faster than Sarah (as she is working from home).

*The team is at good hands but high risk after mentioning Sarah in Ying's post.*

Catch Xin Ying around convenient stores apart from PFC. Iced Coca Cola would be a refreshing pick to refresh any time of the day.
Alex Wong
Chief Entertainment Officer | Trainer
A CEO with a funny bone.

Alex lives up to his Chief Entertainment Officer (CEO) title; he entertains as much as he empowers people around him. A passionate learner, Alex has an insatiable desire to dive into topics beyond its surface, allowing him to develop and tailor programs for his varied clientele.

Alex is currently working with both professional and amateur athletes in the fields of football and golf for their sports performance. He also trains senior clients, young adults, as well as clients whose goals are to move pain-free; lose weight; and gain strength.

It's never a dull moment with Alex as cracking jokes is second nature to Alex. A true conversationist, Alex can talk to you about anything - from economy rice to the weather in Bukit Kiara - so you know that you will always be greeted with a friendly vibe when he's around. What makes him truly special is his genuine desire to make connections.
Ker Tshing
Cappuccino Enthusiast Officer | Trainer
Kertshing, the Cappuccino Enthusiast Officer.

Minion in size and in spirit, this Cappuccino Enthusiast Officer (CEO), goes by many names: BisKERT, AngKER, KERly..the list goes on. Fondly known as Xiao Xiao (small small) by those closest to her, Kertshing is small in size but mighty in her memory - she has a photographic memory when it comes to recognising people.

Kertshing has an enormous amount of energy and is constantly on the go. Her enthusiasm when training have, both young and old, clients always finding themselves lost in conversation, making sessions zoom by easily. Her best known feature is her hair, braces, and quick-wit, always responding to the needs of her clients and colleagues. Kertshing is experienced in strength and conditioning, weight loss, senior fitness, youth fitness, partner and group personal training. She currently works with athletes in BJJ and fencing, clients who are looking to improve strength and mobility, as well as those who are looking to improve overall wellness.

This CEO lives on adrenaline, her daily cuppa and her phone. She's either replying someone or scrolling through social media - it's all work related.

+6013 341 7393

E-3-14, Plaza Damas,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Taman Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur