Personal Training
Post-Rehab Training
We help you get back into your lifestyle, post-injury.
Why post-rehab?
Bridging the gap.
Assessments, corrective exercises and global approach exercises
are simultaneously integrated to a specific client or patients. This
systematic method allows client or patient to experience various
movements that are closely related to functional demands on a
daily basis or even sports carry overs.
Do no harm and perform better - that is what we strive for.
Therefore, we are here to assist you in your recovery route
upon graduating from medical, physio or chiropractic clearance.
Techniques and programming.
Understanding the body needs to not only restore strength but also mobility and stability during the recovery route, weight bearing exercises are introduced to
help in activating certain muscles for better movement quality improvements.
Elements of loading and in deceleration, isometric control in anti rotation as well
as speed and quickness in acceleration are crucial in re-educating the body upon ensuring optimal body functions and reactions without ailments or compensations.

We understand what is important.
Mobility is a highlight in the post-rehab and recovery worlds as we understand
joint compensations and muscles imbalances exist throughout an individual's life.
Hence, upon going though techniques or flexibility and activation - dynamic
postures and range of motion of an individual can be maximized as we go
through movement patterns that promote the control of muscles and joints
throughout its optimal and healthy range.

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