Sports Performance
Sports Performance Training
We at PFC Studio understand the extreme physical demands of playing sports and we are committed in helping you discover a whole new level of what peak performance truly means with our Sports Performance training. Using specialised structured programming combined with our experienced trainers, we will journey with you on your quest to greatness!
Our Sports Performance training is designed to:
Improve performance
and skills on and off the field
Improve stability and balance
thus reducing risk of injuries
Build strength, speed,
agility, and power
functional movement
physical deficits
Build the foundation of
proper biomechanics
Some notable athletes/sports teams we have
conditioned/currently conditioning:
Malaysia National Women's Basketball Team
Malaysia National Tennis Team
Tsun Jin High School Track & Field Team
Angkatan Tentera Malaysia Football Team
Brazilian Jiu
Jitsu Athletes
Joseph Lee
2x Silver @ Philippines National Pro Jiu Jitsu Championship
Philippa Yoong
former 2x Gold @ SEA Games (1997, 2011),
2x Gold @ IWWF Asian Championship (2011, 2012), 1x Silver @ Asian Australiasian Games
Cassandra J Poyong
Gold in Abu Dhabi World Masters Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2019, 2x Gold @ IBJJF Manila Open, 1x Silver @ Philippines SEA Games 2019 Brazilian Jit-Jitsu
What our clients say
M3X triathlon winner
I was training to be stronger and only to have realized that there are many types of exercises that can be done without weights yet feel the intensity.
I only discovered this at PFC. The first time at PFC it was an assessment session to see my level of fitness so that a program can be created according to the level I am at. I was also asked which parts would I like to concentrate on.
2nd class was more intense, the workouts weren't long but it did give muscle soreness which means it worked the right muscles that were weak!
I am happy with the learning outcome I gained with Jayna at PFC.
Would totally recommend friends from around the area if they need a personal instructor.
Nevash Nair
BJJ Athlete
"If it wasn't for Joel McGuire and the folks at PFC, I don't think I'd still be grappling. In 2013, I tore my ACL on the mats (because someone decided to jump guard and land on my knee) and every specialists I met said I needed surgery if I ever wanted to play any sports.
However, doctors could not guarantee a full recovery. They also said I have to be on crutches for a few months and do rehab for almost six months. After a year, I could flirt with the idea of playing sports but it wasn't recommended.
I had just started working with Joel and PFC a few weeks prior to the the injury when they were still located along Jalan Ipoh in KL and I decided to take the another route after talking to the them, doing some research online and consulting a few others who suffered the same injury.
I decided to skip surgery all together and focus on rebuilding my leg muscles to give me balance and stability. Now, unlike other meathead trainers, this wasn't a lift-as-much-as-you-can session. Everything was about functionality and movement. As they say at PFC, move as you play.
Within two months, I was back on the mats and within four I was rolling again. After working with these guys, I felt stronger, my movement got better, my Judo improved because I was comfortable standing on one leg (try throwing something while standing on one leg and you will know what I mean) and I wasn't getting all the annoying muscle pulls.
I recommend PFC to anyone out there. You don't have to be an athlete to work with them. They will teach you the right way to workout. It's the best investment you can make on yourself."

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