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3 Movement Drills for BJJ Athletes
By Joseph Lee (NASM CPT, CES)
Muscle tightness is very common in Brazilian Jiujitsu and most injuries, like lower back, knee and
shoulder pain, are caused by tight muscles. Hence, it's important to stretch before rolling with your
teammates as stretching BEFORE training helps improve your joint range of motion and athletic
performance, and decrease the risk of getting injured. Instead of finding random warm-up stretches
on YouTube, here are some movement drills that you can do before training:

  1. Sumo Squat
  2. World's Greatest Stretch
  3. Ankle Mobility

Learn how to do it below!
Sumo Squat
Start by standing straight with your legs shoulder width apart and your toes point slightly away
Reach and grab your foot while maintaining your legs straight
Drive knees out towards the second toe of your feet. Push your elbows away to avoid it being locked
Come back up by straightening the legs first while grabbing your feet
Stand up still again
World's Greatest Stretch
Start by going into a push up position
Drive and place one leg forward. Make sure the position of the leg is beside your arm
Rotate chest towards the side of the front leg with your hands straightened
Place hand to the outside of the front leg. Straighten the front leg after
Go back into a push up position. Repeat steps for the other side
Ankle Mobility
Start in a half kneeling position with a PVC stick placed in-between your big and second toe
Posteriorly tilt your hip and engage your gluteus muscle. Drive knee towards the outside of the PVC stick
Return to the first position
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