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Sports Performance Training
Don't Just Play Sports To Get Fit. Get Fit To Play Sports.
Sports Performance Training
We at PFC Studio understand the extreme physical demands of playing sports and we are committed in helping you discover a whole new level of what peak performance truly means with our Sports Performance training. Using specialised structured programming combined with our experienced trainers, we will journey with you on your quest to greatness!
Our Sports Performance training is designed to:
• Improve performance and skills on and off the field
• Improve functional movement
• Improve stability and balance thus reducing risk of injuries
• Build strength, speed, agility, and power
• Resolve physical deficits
• Build the foundation of proper biomechanics

Some notable athletes/sports teams we have conditioned/currently conditioning:
• Malaysia National Women's Basketball Team
• Malaysia National Tennis team
• Tsun Jin High School Track & Field team
• Angkatan Tentera Malaysia football team
• Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes
• Joseph Lee, 2x Silver @ Philippines National Pro Jiu Jitsu Championship
• Philippa Yoong, former 2x Gold @ SEA Games (1997, 2011),
2x Gold @ IWWF Asian Championship (2011, 2012),
1x Silver @ Asian Australiasian Games
Training Coaches
Jeremy Ng
Founder of Under Armour sponsored gym studio, PFC Studio, Jeremy has been heavily involved in Malaysia's fitness scene for over a decade. Driven by an insatiable desire to cultivate educated fitness, Jeremy genuinely seeks to help trainers keep up with the latest scientifically backed training methods and principles.
Specialising in strength and conditioning, Joel has been working with athletes for more than half a decade. Formerly a Bukit Jalil junior national rugby player, Joel now develops and coaches athletes from various sporting backgrounds such as former Malaysian Waterski athlete and current national coach, Phillipa Yoong, who has bagged Gold at the Asian Championships as well as 2 Golds and 1 Silver at the SEA Games.
PFC Studio's first team member has come a long way in her journey with us as well as with fitness. From a former state basketball player to a Business Finance degree holder, Jayna eventually found her way into the fitness scene where her strength lies in her passion and desire to help people is being utilised to its maximum potential. Before joining PFC Studio, she had little knowledge regarding fitness. She believes that moving well is the key to living well.
PFC Studio's very first intern and now full-time team member, Sean came to PFC Studio to gain exposure in the fitness industry as well as learn the trade. Already a freelance personal trainer prior to joining PFC Studio, Sean is always hungry for more knowledge. With a passion for all that is "Bro Science" and football-related, he seeks to help people from all walks of life. Don't worry; he can't read your mind.
Client Testimonials
Thank you PFC studio in helping me develop into a better, stronger and faster runner, in terms of sharing running technique and help to build my core. Thanks to coach Jayna for ur patience , and thanks to PFC studio for providing a very warm and happy training ground.
Adam Chong
Client Testimonials
It's very easy to push yourself hard at training and puke but it's VERY HARD to train systematic ally based on your physical limitation and not even sweat! Why is this happening: Lack of scientific knowledge of yourself and your physical trainer on how the human body operates!

So what is so different about PFC: They give specific workouts based on your body type, your sport, your physical limitation s and teach you how to prepare your body to improve your efficiency over time.Thank you PFC team!
Viv Bakht
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete
Client Testimonials
Jayna is friendly and have great knowledge of fitness. She is good at correcting my posture to ensure I don't hurt myself during the workout. She also give good recommendations on the workout that simple enough for me to understand which I can practice at home.
Yee Bing
Personal Training Client
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What is PFC's sports performance programme like? What does it include?
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I play golf for fun but am getting increasingly competitive when I play with friends, can I qualify for PFC's sports performance programme? Is it for pro-athletes only?
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Which athletes have PFC worked with? Which sports? Is it sports performance programme limited to these sports only?
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PFC Studio
G-3-8 Plaza Damas,
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Sri Hartamas,
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Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +6013-394 7393
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