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PFC X DVRT Workshop

Dynamic Variable Resistance Training System (DVRT™)

18 - 19 APRIL 2020 | 9AM - 6PM

Our goal with DVRT is to educate attendees on how the body works, how the body creates real life movement, and why we see so much dysfunction. Establishing the why's, we create solutions in building extensive progressions of exercises. We not only cover over 20 movements that you can immediately use with your clients, we provide you the system to make every program customized for any training environment.

Whether you are training one on one, small group, or team based training, the DVRT system is designed to give you the ability to work with a wide variety of abilities while providing a customized approach. The DVRT instructional concepts provide you a feeling of almost infinite exercises, but more importantly, you learn the simple cues that provide you a huge impact to your clients' success!
DVRT Restoration
DVRT Restoration is a comprehensive program looking to build quality movement from the foundational to complex. Most fitness programs focus upon exercises, yet, the most important aspect to build before any other is the ability to move well. Based upon the most cutting-edge research, physical therapy techniques, and years of implementation the DVRT Restoration gives rapid improvements in all aspects of functional fitness. You will be shocked at how fast your flexibility improves, your strength increases, and your overall well-being heightens. The DVRT Restoration program is perfect for any ability level and addresses the most common issues those that wish to attain their fitness goals. That is our promise to you!
DVRT Restoration
DVRT Level 1
Foundations of Functional Training is built to be the perfect combination of strength, corrective, coaching, and true functional fitness. Based on movement concepts taught in Restoration, Level 1 brings us to more challenging strength training that will both change how you see familiar movements and bring you a whole new world of fitness solutions. We cover how to establish, progress, and build the 7 primal movement patterns that will instantly improve strength, mobility, and overall performance.
DVRT Level 1 Benefits
Learn how to progress literally hundreds of functional based exercises.
Gain skills to quickly and effectively cue any fitness level into performing dynamic drills.
Understand simple techniques that will allow your clients to instantly feel strong and reduce their feeling of chronic aches and pain.
Learn how to develop real world strength training programs that will give your gym or training an edge in both superior results and experience for your clients.

Workshop Coaches
Travis Johnson
Travis has been a professional coach and personal trainer in Tokyo, Japan since 2007. He owns and operates a performance facility in central Tokyo with his wife where he works with individuals from all walks of life. Throughout his decade long practice, Travis has acquired over a dozen industry accreditations and teaches other professionals as a DVRT Master Instructor, TRX Course Instructor, and Gray Institute Course Instructor. A graduate of the 2010 GIFT program, his extensive applied knowledge base covers the spectrum from rehabilitation to injury prevention to performance. Travis has developed S&C programming for professional rugby and soccer teams and has taught extensively throughout Japan.
Kaori Tani
Kaori started her career in the health/fitness industry in 1985 as a group fitness instructor. She transitioned to personal training in 1995 and her commitment to continuing education led to certification as a Rolfer in 2003 and to becoming the first Fellow of Applied Functional Science in Asia in 2010. Kaori has worked tirelessly to bring professional education from the USA and other English speaking regions to Japan, both as teacher and as a facilitator/translator. She is currently one of the leading professional education providers in Japan, teaching for TRX as a Senior Master Instructor, Dynamic Variable Resistance Training as a Master Instructor, Certified Functional Strength Coach as a Master Coach and the Gray Institute as a Course Instructor.

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DVRT Restoration
DVRT Level 1
DVRT Bundle (Restoration +
Level 1)
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