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PFC X DVRT Workshop

Dynamic Variable Resistance Training System (DVRT™) Level 1

11 - 12 APRIL 2020 | 9AM - 6PM

FMS Level 1
FMS Level 2
The Movement Experience
Your journey into movement begins here. Movement is the universal language of human expression. Understanding the how and why of moving well helps us aspire to move often. Welcome to the Movement Experience.

This two-day intensive seminar dives into the importance and science of movement and includes Functional Movement Screen Level 1 certification (earned after passing the exam).

Learn from FMS experts how to:

  • Recognize movement patterns that support work, sports and daily activities.
  • Understand the true relationship that movement patterns play in our health and fitness goals.
  • Identify principles to support the importance of movement screening.
  • Explain the role of mobility, motor control, and functional patterns in fundamental movement.
  • Demonstrate the use of the Functional Movement Screen instructions and procedures.
The principles of movement are implemented from the results we derive from the Functional Movement Screen, allowing professionals to make programming decisions with precision and purpose . Screen results provide valuable feedback throughout the training process to ensure we are meeting short and long-term movement goals for lifelong health and vitality.
Exercise Programming
Level 1 starts your engine. Level 2 kicks you into first gear. Whether the goal is to take your clients to 2nd, 3rd or 4th, skipping a gear will damage the engine. Level 2 is the foundation for your programming - the smooth transition from movement dysfunction to competency.

As professionals, you may already be equipped with training strategies, but how do you prioritize and adjust programming based on your clients' individual movement ability? FMS Level 2 delivers the roadmap for progressive movement outcomes. Learn how to cater to your clients' individual needs with customized exercise selection while simultaneously limiting the factors that inhibit their progress. The result? Self-aware clients and athletes reaching greater heights in lifelong movement health and vitality.

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 2 Course provides an opportunity to take results from the FMS and apply program design and exercise selection to improve your client's fundamental movement baseline. The Level 2 seminar will begin with an in-depth look at how to perform the movement screen and apply the scoring criteria correctly for best results. Then we will discuss how to interpret results from the FMS, decide what your training priorities are based on those results, and teach exercise applications and techniques to improve your clients training results.

The seminar will cover key concepts to understanding movement competency and its impact on exercise programming. There will be a highly interactive discussion and hands-on training opportunity to demonstrate key strategies and techniques used to improve movement patterns that have been identified by the FMS algorithm as a weak link.

This course highlights the FMS corrective exercise essentials: breathing, mobility, motor control, transitional postures, and functional loading. For each of the seven tests within the FMS, specific exercise progressions will be laid out in order to provide the best path to improve, maintain and strengthen those movement patterns. These training strategies broken down by movement patterns assist in determining where an individual should begin, as well as focus, within their exercise program in order to push clients to the best of their ability. Lastly, this seminar finishes with a presentation of case studies and group discussion on program design and integration for key training and rehabilitation environments.
Course Objectives
Literature course for people who can't live without books
You will study English Literature, an introduction to key aspects central to the study of English Literature. You will also choose an option course from another subject area.
History course for people who are interested in art
You will study History of Art, which covers the period from the fall of the Roman Empire until the end of the Counter-Reformation. This will include non-Western material.
Architecture course for all curious people
The history of architecture traces the changes in architecture through various traditions, regions, overarching stylistic trends, and dates.You will study Architectural History, which is a survey from antiquity to the present day. An introduction to key aspects central to the study of Architectural History. You will also choose an option course from another subject area.
Workshop Coach
Henrik Olofson
Certified FMS Instructor
Henrik, native of Sweden, began his career in the fitness industry by studying sport science in Norway and USA but has spent the majority of the last decade working in South East Asia. He has a long background being involved in education, working with international schools, independent gyms and fitness equipment companies. He has also managed and consulted for boutique gyms and fitness studios in creating training systems and internal education programs around the Asia/Pacific region. Henrik and his wife Amm own HAUS No3 in Bangkok, Thailand where they specialize in personal training and semi-private training using the Functional Movement Systems as a backbone in their training philosophy.

Workshop Fees
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DVRT Level 1
Workshop Venue:
PFC Studio
Address: G-2-8, Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Taman Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Workshop Frequently Asked Questions
Who can become Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certified?
There are no prerequisites for Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1 certification. You must take Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1 before or in combination with Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 2. Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1 course is intended for, but not limited to, fitness, performance and rehabilitation professionals.
When/Where will I take the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certification examination?
Functional Movement Screen (FMS) exams is made available online within your account. Certification exams are made available to live seminar attendees after completion of the event. Exams are made available to online course participants immediately after course purchases. You are given 6 months (180 days) to complete your exam.
How many questions are on the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certification exam and what must I score to pass?
Level 1: 60 multiple choice questions including video questions
Level 2: 60 multiple choice questions
How many attempts do I have to pass my Functional Movement Screen (FMS)certification exam?
Three attempts are made available for the exam. Please note that your answers will be saved automatically as you move through the test. This will allow you to stop and start the test as necessary.
After passing my exam, when/how will I receive my Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certificate?
Once you have passed your exam (80% of higher) you will be notified immediately of your certification. Certificates are distributed electronically to your email address associated with your account.
Remark: All online material can only be accessed using desktop or laptop computer. iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone or Android devices are not supported.
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