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1 - on -1 Personal Training
Take Your Fitness Journey To Greater Heights
1 - on -1 Personal Training
Whether you are starting or have started your fitness journey, our team is here to journey with you in achieving your goals; whatever it may be. Push yourself in a comfortable and safe environment with our team of well-equipped trainers accompanying you ever step of the way.
What will you get?
12 workout sessions. Undivided attention.
A systematic and structured program tailored specifically for you

All our professionals have more than 5 years of legal experience. We use our knowledge to make your life better.
Training Coaches
  • Jeremy
    Founder of PFC Studio, Jeremy has been heavily involved in Malaysia's fitness scene for over two decades. Driven by an insatiable desire to cultivate educated fitness, Jeremy genuinely seeks to help trainers keep up with the latest scientifically backed training methods and principles.

    Jeremy specialises in post-rehab training as well as pregnancy and postnatal training
  • Jayna
    PFC Studio's first team member has come a long way in her journey with us as well as with fitness. From a former state basketball player to a Business Finance degree holder, Jayna eventually found her way into the fitness scene where her strength lies in her passion and desire to help people is being utilised to its maximum potential. Before joining PFC Studio, she had little knowledge regarding fitness. She believes that moving well is the key to living well.

    Jayna specialises in general fitness, post-rehab and sports performance training.
  • Alex
    Alex is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who is always intrigued by how the body functions and what makes it move better. His love for Red Bean Buns knows no boundaries and relies on his knowledge, skill (and humour) in his training sessions with professional and amateur athletes, as well as personal training clients. He's a Personal Trainer and, aptly, the Chief Entertainment Officer at PFC Studio.

    Alex specialises in general fitness, post-rehab and sports performance training.
  • Lee Wen
    Lee Wen, an energetic bubble around Team PFC and among clients and students.

    Lee Wen is the identity behind PFC Academy. She is in charge with the first greeting of the students, the nerve wrecking examination for NASM-CPT Final Examination as well as the certification and congratulations wishes among NASM post graduates.

    As a dessert lover, she is always sharing her curiosity and recommendations for croissants and bagels. Apart from just a sweet tooth, she has a sweet appetite too for Coke Zero (and also a sweet eye for body builder hunks).

    Other than that, Lee Wen is also an Occupational Therapy practitioner. She seamlessly integrates training programming and corrective approach for clients from all backgrounds. She loves experimenting with tools and exercise types, so if you are ready for a challenge, say hi to her!

    Lee Wen specialises in general fitness and post-rehab training.
1-on-1 Training Fees
Per Session
RM 180
Client Testimonials
Thank you PFC Studio in helping me develop into a better, stronger and faster runner, in terms of sharing running technique and help to build my core. Thanks to coach Jayna for your patience , and thanks to PFC Studio for providing a very warm and happy training ground.
Adam Chong
Client Testimonials
It's very easy to push yourself hard at training and puke but it's VERY HARD to train systematic ally based on your physical limitation and not even sweat! Why is this happening: Lack of scientific knowledge of yourself and your physical trainer on how the human body operates!

So what is so different about PFC: They give specific workouts based on your body type, your sport, your physical limitation s and teach you how to prepare your body to improve your efficiency over time.Thank you PFC team!
Viv Bakht
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete
Client Testimonials
Jayna is friendly and have great knowledge of fitness. She is good at correcting my posture to ensure I don't hurt myself during the workout. She also give good recommendations on the workout that simple enough for me to understand which I can practice at home.
Yee Bing
Personal Training Client
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PFC is a fitness company that offers industry-relevant and high-quality fitness education; client-oriented fitness training, post-rehabilitation training and sports performance training; and practical and purposeful fitness and recovery tools and equipments.
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