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Be Like a Baby
By Jayna Kok ( NASM-CPT )
How well can you move?

Based on Functional Movement Screen, how well do you think you are able to do the 7 movement screening patterns? The human's perspectives of performing basic movements are big, particularly for athletes. However, when these movements feel difficult or become a struggle, a step back may just be what is needed.

Observe how an infant squats and crawls.

Believe or not, babies have the best functional movement patterns. Babies are able to roll, crawl, or walk naturally without any professional coaching. They move by simply interacting with the environment in natural manner with positive and negative reinforcements. If you notice, babies don't repeat movements that don't allow positive reinforcement. This concept applies to adults too as we tend to learn quicker from negative reinforcements.

Hence, FMS comes into the picture as a form of aid for not only yourself but also for clients too. From FMS corrective strategies, we are able to recognise movement patterns that support the body mechanics that enable us to carry out daily routines and activities.

FMS enables us to understand the true relationships in the movement patterns that play the role to achieve our respective fitness goals and ideal health states.

FMS Level 1 Workshop 21 - 22 July
This July 21st and 22nd for the first time ever in Kuala Lumpur, PFC Studio will be organising Functional Movement Screen Level 1 Certification. Reserve a slot to sign up on 26th to 28th January to enjoy savings up to RM600!

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