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Tight Neck and Shoulders
Stuck at home during the quarantine period is definitely a different kind of experience. Especially to those who are active all this while, the unforeseen measures had affected everyone in respective lifestyle shifts. At present, most of us are just filled with boredom and irritation (and more boredom and irritation).
This period has put us into a "sticky" situation where we are actually seated on the couch in front of the TV screen to catch up on the news, or seated on the chair in front of the computer screen while working from home or even, laying comfortably on the bed to read a book. In reality, as much as we try to make ourselves "productive", we are really not moving as much as we should or we can this period of time.
Hence, as we count through the days of the quarantine, many of us will start to feel stiff and immobile especially at the upper half of the body due to the long hours of "fixed routines" mentioned above.
What day is today?
I have no idea, dad.
What do you feel like having for dinner on next Tuesday?
It's a long way to go, mom.
The forwarded head looking into the screens of electronics for new updates and news from the government and the forwarded shoulders while you are typing a long comment on Facebook or trying to get the "Chicken Dinner" in PUBG matches.
Thus, it is time to take charge of shoulder and neck issues if it is bothering you today. With just some tools and movements, this video below will help you to restore some mobility and strength before setting you up for a new page of Manga read or another round of PUBG match. Let's roll!
Follow these steps :
Grab a tennis ball to release the trapezius and chest. This allows more room for the neck to move, and it promotes posture too! With pain, you are gaining more range!
Stretching the neck eases off tightness around the top half region. Essentially, this relaxes the tight muscles of the extended neck. Make sure you breathe too!
A simple idea is to move. Move those lazy muscles, especially the back to bring back your upright posture back and running.
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