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Maybank Championships
From the 9th to 11th of February 2017 9.30AM at the Saujana Golf & Country Club, Shah Alam, PFC Studio in collaboration with Under Armour conducted its very own conditioning class in conjunction with the Maybank Championship.

Throughout the 4 days here at Saujana Golf & Country Club, we explained and demonstrated the importance of conditioning as an athlete and how core strength can exponentially improve one's performance on the field. Additionally, participants are shown how conditioning training forces one to focus their energy output and refine their cardiovascular endurance.

The well-structured conditioning sessions were divided into 5 categories:

Ice Breakers (Warmup to the Warmup)
Requiring some form of physical exertion in preparation for the warmup. Ice breakers are meant to… break the ice.

Movement Prep
To simulate the movements of the following exercises to get participants ready for the main exercises.

Core Activation
Participants engage their core muscles in some core activation work to "wake" the core muscles up.

About Us
PFC Studio specializes in four quarters of fitness masteries namely:

PFC Studio provides Fitness Education for achievers that wants to elevate credibility in the fitness industry especially through NASM and AFAA.

Team PFC conducts Personal Training which systematically tailors to clients' respective goals and visions.

PFC trainers also focuses on Post - Rehabilitation Training for clients who are working off an injury or in seek for mobility and flexibility restorations.

We also specialize in Golf and Sports Performance Training helping athletes in areas of conditioning and movement related carry overs.

Our partners
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