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NASM Certified Personal Trainer
The NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM-CPT, is the most sought after personal trainer certification in the fitness industry.

NASM-CPT Offers fitness programs based on the latest scientific research, and not anecdotal evidence.
Certified Kettlebell Coach
The Certified Kettlebell Coach course focuses on two high level points:

1. Mastery of the basics
2. Coaching skills

Modern Postnatal Exercises
A comprehensive course that covers ALL the components of your role when serving the Post Natal client. It is a complete 8 hours if awesomeness.
Modern Post Natal Assessment + Functional Exercise Prescription
(8 hours)

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
You've equipped yourself with results proven principles through NASM CPT. Go beyond the basics with NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Maximise your ability in helping clients and athletes from all walks of life. With NASM CES, you will unlock the knowledge and ability to reduce movement deficiencies and muscle imbalances to ultimately produce injury-free individuals.
Power Plate
The Power Plate uses a combination of multi-directional and harmonic vibration to create a dynamic environment to cultivate the body's reflexive stabilization (proprioceptors).

Did you know it is possible to reap the same benefits of a 60 minute workout in the span of 10 minutes?

This is possible with the Power Plate, a revolutionary machine that stimulates muscles to contract and relax through high speed vibrations.
What people have to say:
I would highly recommend all trainers seeking a professional certification to look no further than NASM. It is my foundational certification that has set and amazing ground work for all the other methods of training I currently have.
Andrea Austin, NASM-CPT Creator and CEO
Andrea Austin Fitness, Inc.
What people have to say:
PFC Studio played a huge part in my understanding of NASM – Jeremy's dedication and passion in fitness education, as well as his guidance towards newbies like me has propelled me to where I am today within such a short time.
Jayna Kok
NASM-CPT Participant at PFC Studio
What people have to say:
NASM provides me with in-depth knowledge on Basic Human Body movement. Equipped with these knowledge, every movement and body workout serves a purpose and this has helped me tremendously.
Jessy Lim
NASM-CPT Participant at PFC Studio
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