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Certified Kettlebell Specialist workshop

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What you will learn
The Certified Kettlebell Coach course focuses on two high level points:
1. Mastery of the basics
2. Coaching skills
The classical kettlebell lifts and their variations!
How to design a program for any fitness goal you or your clients may have – strength, endurance, work capacity, muscle mass, mobility etc.
Assistance exercises for competition training – these very unique exercises will take your conditioning and technique to new levels
All our professionals have more than 5 years of legal experiences. They use their knowledge to make our clients life better.
Workshop Coach
Jeremy Ng
Certified Kettlebell Coach
Director|Educator|Personal Trainer
Founder of PFC Studio, Jeremy has been heavily involved in Malaysia's fitness scene for over a decade. Driven by an insatiable desire to cultivate educated fitness, Jeremy genuinely seeks to help trainers keep up with the latest scientifically backed training methods and principles.
What our participants have to say:
I know about kettle for quite some time already but I didn't have the chance to learn the proper way to practice and involve that into my client's training session until now.
The course covered almost all the things u need to know about kettle from the structure of kettlebell to the technique to teach and correct the form of swinging the kettlebell.
The course is very informative and the friendly instructor made the teaching process more enjoyable. Definitely one of the course u didn't want to miss it.
NASM-CPT Participant at PFC Studio
What our participants have to say:
CKC organised by PFC brought new insights within myself. This is my first time joining professional courses as such CKC has not only give me the opportunity to explore about new forms of exercises, but also sharing knowledge and experience with new friends. I've enjoyed every bit of it even though it was tough at times. Since then, I wish to expand my interests and commitment with people of the same school of thoughts and motivation.
What our participants have to say:
Have been interested in kettlebell swings for some time, but never get to learn the proper technique of swinging it. CKC level 1 Hardstyle kettlebell swing had left me an eye opening experience. Never expect it could be so exhausting in less than a minute of hardstyle swing. Definitely looking forward to apply hardstyle technique into training sessions. Thank you PFC for hosting such a valuable course.
Jayna Kok
CKC Participant at PFC Studio
Workshop Fees
New Participants
RM 1999
Certified Kettlebell Specialist Certificate
Past Participants
RM 1799
Certified Kettlebell Specialist Certificate
Workshop Frequently Asked Questions
How is this Certified Kettlebell Coach different from other kettlebell-related certification courses?
Certified Kettlebell Coach level 1 is a professional coaching certification that focuses on hard-style techniques. Compared to other fundamental courses in the current market, this certification goes beyond the surface. It goes in-depth about kettlebell from its anatomy to assessments, posture, regressions of techniques as well as implementation of kettlebell training.

In summary:-
- high priority on safety
- focus on the important and fundamental movements and principles done right
- client readiness assessment for kettlebell training
- Russian Hardstyle techniques
- we don't teach fancy kettlebell exercises which has higher risk : benefit ratio
- understanding and proper application of fundamentals and principles are important
- CKC 1 is a PRO certification means that once you pass, you can earn confidently when teaching kettlebell techniques to various clients
- no fluff
- regressions is key
- performance is a by product of proper execution of exercise and techniques
- spot a mistake in 3 swings

What will I learn during the Certified Kettlebell Coach Level 1 (CKC 1) course?
The 2-day course is efficiently programmed and systematically taught to ensure maximum learning experience. CKC 1 covers the very important fundamental movements, cues and develops a keen coaching eye which facilitates teaching kettlebell safely and effectively.

Certified Kettlebell Coach graduates are known to stand above the rest as they are equipped with knowledge to lead clients from various backgrounds with ultimate certainty and professionalism with regard to implementing kettlebell training along with other sports and needs.
What's the duration of the Certified Kettlebell Coach course?
18 hour across 2 days
Will there be an exam?
All participants will have to go through a coaching and a practical test before graduating with their coveted Certified Kettlebell Coach Level 1 title.
Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the course?
Yes, you will provided with a graducation certificate after you pass the practical exam.
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