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Certified Power Plate Trainer (CPPT) workshop

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Certified Power Plate Trainer (CPPT)
What is Power Plate Training?
The CPPT pathway has been created to empower the trainer, coach or practitioner with the skills and knowledge to successfully integrate Power Plate technology within their business, facility, or clinical and rehabilitation setting.

This certification provides the most current, relevant, and up to date information regarding Power Plate: Whole Body Vibration. The CPPT combines both theory and practical application, inspired by the Principles, Strategies, and Techniques of Applied Functional Science (AFS)® powered by Gray Institute®. AFS is a convergence of the Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Behavioral Sciences that allows for purposeful and authentic movement. Power Plate is the most authentic functional tool to replicate and enhance the body's response to gravity and ground reaction forces. Power Plate's CPPT, powered by Gray Institute, creates an environment and a vehicle to allow "the most effective and efficient movements inspired by AFS, to be applied to any and all individuals based on their specific needs, wants, and goals."
  • The Power Plate uses a combination of multidirectional and harmonic vibration to create a dynamic environment to cultivate the body's reflexive stabilisation (proprioceptors).
  • Learn the most up to do information regarding whole body vibration training .
  • Empower and equip trainers with the skills and knowledge to incorporate Power Plate into your client training sessions
  • Hands-on session on how to use whole body vibration training to enhance your client training sessions
  • Power Plate, a revolutionary machine that stimulates muscles to contract and relax through high speed vibrations.

Certified Power Plate Trainer (CPPT) Live Workshop
  • 1
    Learning Objectives
    • History of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Training & Therapy.
    • Introduction to Power Plate technology.
    • Introducing a client to Power Plate and working with success.
    • Reflexive Stabilization and Rapid Reflex Response (R3) – the mechanism by which WBV enhances the neuromusculoskeletal system.
    • Gray Institute: AFS: Foundations of Function and movement.
    • Practical, 3D exploration of movement strategies within Power Plate's 5 Elements, powered by Gray Institute: Stretch: Movement Preparation, Balance, Core, Strength: Neuromuscular Activation, Massage: Recovery & Regeneration
    • Functional Integration & Programming for all clients

Workshop Coach
  • Jeremy Ng
    Certified Power Plate Master Trainer
    Director|Educator|Personal Trainer
    Founder of PFC Studio, Jeremy has been heavily involved in Malaysia's fitness scene for over a decade. Driven by an insatiable desire to cultivate educated fitness, Jeremy genuinely seeks to help trainers keep up with the latest scientifically backed training methods and principles.

Workshop Fees
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Certified Power Plate Trainer (CPPT)
RM 990

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