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Train the Way You Play!
We believe that in order to perform well, you need to move well first. Additionally, we believe in raising and setting the standard for fitness professionals locally and internationally and thus seeking to provide not only the best but also result-proven fitness education.
Meet the Team!
What We Do

Educational Workshops
We pride ourselves as being an evolving and ever improving organisation – you can be confident that you are truly learning a cutting edge systems and methodologies that will deliver results while ensuring you and your client's safety.

The workshops we provide will give you an edge over others.

Training Classes
Whether you are starting or have started your fitness journey, our team is here to journey with you in achieving your goals; whatever they may be.

Take your fitness journey to greater heights.

Don't just play sports to get fit.
Get fit to play sports.
Meet the Team!
Jeremy Ng
Chief Executive Officer | Founder | Educator | Trainer
Joel McGuire
Chief Performance Officer | Trainer
Jayna Kok
Chief Everything Officer | Educator | Trainer
Sarah Jane
Chief Exaggerating Officer | Dedicated Team Member
Alex Wong
Chief Entertainment Officer | Trainer
Ker Tshing
Cappuccino Enthusiast Officer | Trainer
Xin Ying
Chief Efficiency Officer | Dedicated Team Member
What our Students & Clients Say
I always loves to challenge my limits. In 2017, I had two painful lower back fractures and a rotator cuff injury during my preparation for my bodybuilding and men's physique competitions. It made me eager to learn more on how to keep training my best in every training session while staying injury free. Searching online for the best personal trainer certificate that teaches the science behind training our body and how to keep improving without injuries, I found NASM CPT which taught me how to train different body types and various conditions with proven scientific methods. Through Facebook, I found PFC Studio provided NASM CPT and after the live workshop from master trainer Jeremy Ng and his team, I have a better understanding on the courses and it has helped me a lot in passing the tough final exam . I'm thankful for master trainer Jeremy and the PFC team that helped clarify all my questions and even though I asked a lot, you all still helped answer my questions clearly. I feel satisfied completing NASM CPT but I know learning never ends and I will definitely keep coming back to learn more at PFC Studio.
Sheikh Abror
NASM Certified Personal Trainer Graduate
What our Students & Clients Say
Hiatus from golfing has taken a toll on my body and I'm thankful for my personal trainer, Jayna from PFC studio who has put in lots of effort into making sure I get my form back. Her workout plan for me has improved my body conditioning specifically for golf and i noticed a great increase in my own stamina throughout the whole process after my leg surgery last year
Khai Jei
What our Students & Clients Say
Thank you PFC Studio in helping me develop into a better, stronger and faster runner, in terms of sharing running technique and help to build my core. Thanks to coach Jayna for your patience , and thanks to PFC Studio for providing a very warm and happy training ground.
Adam Chong
What our Students & Clients Say
It's very easy to push yourself hard at training and puke but it's VERY HARD to train systematic ally based on your physical limitation and not even sweat! Why is this happening: Lack of scientific knowledge of yourself and your physical trainer on how the human body operates!

So what is so different about PFC: They give specific workouts based on your body type, your sport, your physical limitation s and teach you how to prepare your body to improve your efficiency over time.Thank you PFC team!
Viv Bakht
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete
What our Students & Clients Say
Jayna is friendly and has great knowledge of fitness. She is good at correcting my posture to ensure I don't hurt myself during the workout. She also give good recommendations on the workout that simple enough for me to understand which I can practice at home.
Personal Training Client
What our Students & Clients Say
If it wasn't for Joel McGuire and the folks at PFC, I don't think I'd still be grappling. In 2013, I tore my ACL on the mats and every specialists I met said I needed surgery if I ever wanted to play any sports.
I decided to skip surgery all together and focus on rebuilding my leg muscles to give me balance and stability. Now, unlike other meathead trainers, this wasn't a lift-as-much-as-you-can session. Everything was about functionality and movement. As they say at PFC, move as you play.
Within two months, I was back on the mats and within four I was rolling again. I recommend PFC to anyone out there. You don't have to be an athlete to work with them. They will teach you the right way to workout. It's the best investment you can make on yourself.
Nevash Nair
Personal Training Client
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About Us
PFC is a fitness company that offers industry-relevant and high-quality fitness education; client-oriented fitness training, post-rehabilitation training and sports performance training; and practical and purposeful fitness and recovery tools and equipments.
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PFC Studio
E-3-14, Plaza Damas,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Taman Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +6013-341 7393
E-mail: [email protected]
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